• Moving Forward Is Expanding!

    Moving Forward is excited to announce that we will be expanding to the Appleton, Wisconsin area in the next few weeks! To get the ball rolling, we spent the weekend looking at office spaces that will be home for one of our team members very soon! We’re proud of all the growth and determination our team has had this year, and are ready for the next step! To learn more, check us out on social media, and stay tuned for what happens next!

  • Moving Forward Heads to Milwaukee for Networking Event

    This Friday, our Moving Forward crew headed down to Milwaukee for a networking event, where we had some coffee, donuts, and bagels, while connecting with our team in Milwaukee. We had the chance to speak to some of the leaders in both offices, connecting with them on topics such as growth, what makes them successful, and how they hit their goals. This was a great chance for some of our newer hires to learn how they can move forward and succeed in this business, while giving some of our long-term employees that extra motivation to continue pushing themselves. After breakfast, our team had the chance to hear from both our President Andy and Milwaukee’s President on growth, advancement and management opportunities our company provides.

    Later on, we got together as one big group to do some good, creating blessing bags to be given to our communities. These blessing bags included items such as mittens and socks, as well as some kid friendly items like lollipops and small toy racecars, and will be donated to local Racine homeless shelter Halo. Not only was this a great opportunity for our team to learn more and continue their success, but it was a great way to come together and help others in our community! We’re excited for the next networking event, and thanks for inviting us Milwaukee!

  • President Andy Von Bank Speaks at Chicago Regionals Meeting

    This Tuesday, our President Andy Von Bank, along with Account Managers Jory Williams, Griffin Eckhart, and Jeremiah Hunter headed down to Illinois to the Schaumburg Hotel, where this year’s Regionals Meeting took place. At this event, offices from all over the area came together to hear some of our top managers in the business discuss important topics on success and growth in the business, including topics such as the interview process, training, team atmosphere, goal setting, and management opportunities.

    Each person spoke with confidence and experience, giving out tips and advice on how to be successful in this business, and providing tactics that work for them. One of those speakers included our President Andy, who spoke on the topic of working with our customers, its significance for success, how to give them the best service, what factors need to be addressed, and how it impacts a team. Seeing as Andy has had a very successful year as far as growth and development, this topic was a great fit for him to speak on. To finish his speech, he left everyone with this lasting thought: “Always stay attached to your WHY.”

    To finish out the night, our team headed to Giordano’s pizza, where the head of our company, Mike Terrinoni joined us for dinner. Not only was this an amazing experience for our team, but it was an amazing opportunity to network and hear what he had to say about success and growth in this business.

    With a drive to be even more successful, we’re pumped for the rest of this year! We always want to better ourselves, keep the student mentality, and continue learning. We can’t wait for the next conference!

  • Griffin


    We’ve had a great year so far, hitting our goals and starting 2018 on a high note. To kick this year off, we’ve had two promotions already!

    Our first promotion went to our rep Jeremiah, who has been with us since December of last year, but quickly worked his way up to the Account Manager position! Our second promotion went to Griffin, who started back in November, and with hard work and determination, also moved into an Account Manager role!

    Congrats to these two! They have been a great example for others in the office, and have continued to hit their goals and maintain a positive attitude.

    We’re excited to see how far they go this year, and look forward to seeing their growth!

  • New Year, New Goals for Moving Forward Marketing

    Moving Forward is back in action after the holidays, and ready to start this new year with a bang. With such a successful year in 2017, we plan to keep that momentum going, and have 2018 be even better.

    As far as goals for the company, President Andy Von Bank has a few he plans to work towards this year. The first plan is to have a minimum of three promotions into management, and the other is to expand into the Illinois territory, and work with more clients. Since moving to the Racine area and taking over their territory, the idea is to continue building growth and new opportunities within our team, and see what Illinois can bring to the table.

    With a new team, new mindsets, and a full year ahead, Moving Forward is excited for the opportunities 2018 will bring.

  • Moving Forward Marketing: A Year In Review

    Looking back on 2017, President Andy Von Bank has a lot to be proud of since he opened up Moving Forward Marketing this March. Over the course of the year, there have been conferences, achievements, and charities, as well as tremendous growth and success. With everything that has been accomplished this year, Von Bank now has a drive to make 2018 even better. 
    Starting in March, Von Bank was given the opportunity to open his own business, due to his success in hitting goals and consistently coming out on top. Opening in Madison, Von Bank was able to build a team of individuals who were full of passion, drive and a taste for success. Led by Von Bank, he and his team were able to create growth for the company that continued throughout the year.
    Later this year in August, Von Bank was presented with the opportunity to be a speaker at this year’s National Leaders meeting, discussing his experience with the interview process. Not only was this experience a high honor for him, but it gave him the drive to continue pushing himself. His efforts were later recognized when he was presented with the Rookie Owner Award at our Owner’s getaway in October. To finish off an already great year, Von Bank was once again rewarded with another achievement award at this year’s Christmas Gala.
    Von Bank also experienced a great deal of growth and success in Madison, moving to a different office space due to expansion, and transferring to the Racine and Kenosha area to take over their market. With goals to build and expand this market in the new year, Von Bank is very excited for the opportunity.
    Along with the success, Von Bank has also worked with different charities this year, including the Madison Police Department, River Bank food pantry, and Toys for Tots. Not only that, but he and some of our other Midwest leaders were able to help raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation this month at the Christmas Gala

    With all the success 2017 has brought Moving Forward, we are excited for 2018, and for all new opportunities, goals, and chances for success.

  • **NEW LOCATION!! **

    Moving Forward Marketing has had a great deal of success and growth come its way since opening up this past February. The city of Madison has given our President Andy Von Bank new business opportunities, the ability to build a strong, reliable team, and surpass the goals he set upon opening.  From getting the opportunity to speak at our National Leader’s Meeting conference, to helping out the Madison community through various charity efforts, and gaining a coveted Rookie Owner award at our annual owners trip this past October, Von bank has had a great year, and is ready for the next step!

    Building on the momentum this business has, we made some changes, and have moved to the Kenosha and Racine area, to take on the great opportunities this location will provide Moving Forward.  We’re excited to build our team for this new territory, gain great leaders and continue to expand our business. This move also presents opportunities for both Andy and his team to create new personal and business-related goals, and go out and hit them all!

    We’re excited for what Kenosha will do for Moving Forward, and all the doors it will open.  Come visit us at our new location at 5801 Washington Ave Suite 99 Mount Pleasant, WI 53406, and check out our site at! You can also check us out on various social media, including Facebook!

  • President Andy Von Bank Wins Award at Annual Christmas Party

    This week, President Andy Von Bank, among other owners across the nation headed to California to attend the Annual Company Christmas Party Gala. After getting a day to explore all that California had to offer, including the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Newport Beach, the owners came back to participate in the Christmas Charity Challenge! To start, owners were split into four teams, with Von Bank and some other Midwest owners making up the green team. Each team then put their game faces on, and competed in a series of games that included a Donut Eating Challenge, Human Hungry Hippos, and a Water Relay Race! Green Team was clearly in the zone, as they ended up taking the competition and were claimed the winners! Because of their win, they were given the highest amount to donate to this year’s charity of choice, Make A Wish Foundation.

    To finish off the night, everyone attended the End of the Year Awards ceremony, where select owners and recruiters were awarded for their success this past year. Among those winners was Von Bank, who has pushed himself and has had a great deal of success since opening his business early this year! Congrats on your award Andy! We can’t wait to see you continue your success in the upcoming year!

  • R&R, Punta Cana 2017

    We had a blast at our annual manager’s meeting in Punta Cana, and this year, our owner, Andy Von Bank won an award for Rookie Owner! Congrats once again Andy! We're already looking forward to next year’s R&R!

  • Delivery Day for The River Food Pantry

    When it comes to charity work, and giving back, Moving Forward Marketing really prides itself on staying local, and helping out charities in the Madison area. This past Friday, our Assistant Manager Jory Williams paid a visit to the River Food Pantry in Madison Wisconsin, to drop off all the collections we have been collecting for the past month. In total, we were able to collect two shopping carts full of items to be given to those who need it, including boxed meals, seasonings, sauces, condiments and canned goods. We had a great time gathering these supplies in the office, and knowing we were able to support our community was a great mood booster as well.

    The River Food Pantry is a great organization that helps out Madison by giving groceries, meals and clothing to those that need them. They also provide lunch programs to children and teens in the surrounding areas that come from lower income neighborhoods. On top of serving more that 650 families in the Dane County area, they also work to spread positivity and hope in their community. With all of the great work this charity does, it was our pleasure to be able to help them in their mission to support Dane County.

    Giving back is very important to our company, and something that we plan to continue in the future. With that in mind, we can’t wait to help out another charity this upcoming winter.

  • It's finally November!

    The holidays are around the corner and we are excited to deliver all of the donations we have been collecting for the past month to the Second Harvest Food Bank, located in Madison. Some of the items we have collected range from boxed cake mix, to packaged meals for larger families, bottled drinks and canned products, just to name a few.

    And this November, Moving Forward Marketing is determined to finish this year strong by hitting goals, expanding the business, and working to bring family and friends together for the holidays to share success and lend a hand in our beloved community.

    We wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday season.

  • Owner Andy Von Bank Wins Achievement Award at This Year's R&R Conference

    This year in Punta Cana, our Owner and Assistant Manager Andy Von Bank and Jory Williams got a chance to network with owners and reps from all across the country, all while soaking up some sun and enjoying the Dominican weather. But for Andy, this trip had more in store for him, as he was given the Achievement Award at this year’s R&R ceremony.

    Not only has this been a great accomplishment, but it was also well-deserved. Since opening in February, Andy and his team have been pushing themselves to help expand their office throughout the Madison area, and have future plans to move in the Kenosha market. With the momentum Andy has built, we can’t wait to see how far he goes with this business.

    Huge congrats once again Andy, we can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • New Team Member

    Say hello to one of the newest members of our team, Thea Berryman, who has been with us since the end of August. For her role as our receptionist, Thea spends time greeting our guests, as well as helping our our team in any way, and working to keep the office running smoothly.

    Before coming to Moving Forward, Thea was working in the mental health field, and as a leasing agent, with a background in nursing. When talking to Thea about what she likes best about working in Madison, she said that “Madison has so much to offer, and there’s always something to do and places to see. Working in a company for so little time you can experience a wide range of events and exceptional service and quality.”

    For Thea, what makes her a good employee in her opinion is that she is “driven, and we all at one point or another run into hard times in our lives but the motivation and courage to keep striving for success is what keeps me going now.” She also says that “Moving Forward Marketing came in my life when I was having a rough time, and they gave me a great opportunity to keep that mindset that I am ok.” What she likes best about our company is that “there is always something to learn and amazing people that I work with. There is always a reason to wake up in the morning and go to work and feel excited about it.”

    When Thea isn’t in the office greeting all our guests, she likes to spend time with her family, friends and her boyfriend. She also enjoys traveling as well going to events, concerts, and new restaurants!

    Keep up the great work Thea, we appreciate having you in the office!

  • October Charity: The River Food Pantry

    This month, Moving Forward Marketing will be giving back to the community, and gathering supplies to donate to the local food pantry, The River Food Pantry.

    Since their opening in 2006, the River Food Pantry of Dane County offers free groceries, meals, and clothing to anyone who comes in for help, as well as offering lunches to children and teens in the surrounding area. To help them with their mission, we will be collecting items such as canned soup, cereal, pasta, and personal care items including soap, shampoo, diapers and vitamins.

    To find out more about how you can help out this great organization, check out their site at

  • President Andy Von Bank and Account Manager Jory Williams Set to Attend R&R This Year

    Congrats to Account Manager, Jory Williams, whose hard work, determination and drive to succeed has earned him a spot at this year’s R&R conference for the first time, along side President Andy Von Bank. R&R is a conference that is taking place in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic this year, and only the top employees from each organization are invited to attend.

    Jory, who is one of the longest standing employees for Moving Forward, has continued to prove himself this year, aiding in growth for the company, and bringing in more reps. Furthermore, he also continuously utilizes various motivation tactics to not only push himself, but motivate his team to do well, hit goals and exceed expectations.

    Congrats guys, and have fun in the Dominican!

  • New Office is Up and Running!

    After a few long weeks, our new office is finally set up! With new furniture, team members and opportunities, our team is pumped! One of the first big changes we’ve experienced so far is the addition of our newest team member Thea! She will be serving as our receptionist for the office, and providing positive energy throughout the day.

    As far as looks, thanks to the interior designing skills from our HR Assistant, we bought all new furniture for the new space, and are thrilled with how it looks! Finally, our team is excited for all the new opportunities this new space presents us, including more room for growth and team additions, bigger spaces to train our reps, and more opportunities to open other offices!

    We’re looking forward to what the future holds for us, and are excited to put this new office to good use! Come check out our new space over on Wall Street in Madison!

  • Moving Forward Marketing Is Expanding!

    Moving Forward has experienced tremendous growth in the past few months, so much so that they will be moving offices! President Andy Von Bank is very excited for this move, and looks forward to gaining more opportunities for expansion and building his team.

    Since opening up back in February this year, Moving Forward has experienced many different opportunities including promoting two more Account Managers this last month, gaining a new recruiter, and our President speaking at the Top Leaders Meeting in Orlando.

    We are super excited for this opportunity and all the growth we have had, and we hope to continue this momentum and push forward.

    Come check us out at our new office at 5315 Wall St, Madison WI, 53718!

  • President Andy Von Bank Chosen to Speak at National Leaders Meeting

    This weekend the National Leaders Meeting took place at the Gaylord Resort and Hotel in Orlando, Florida, and our team consisting of President and CEO, Andy Von Bank, along with his Account Managers Ray Callaway and Matthew Coan. This conference gave our team opportunities to gain new insights and skills that they can implement into their daily routines, such as different tactics for gaining new business partners.

    But one of the highlights of the conference was that Andy was given the opportunity to speak at this event on the topic of 2nd round interviews. For Andy, not only was this a first time opportunity, but for him it was “a huge honor. I was surprised at first when they asked me to speak, but it was an honor nonetheless.” He also described the experience, stating that,

    I was nervous at first, going up there and speaking in front of everyone, but as I progressed, I got the hang of it. To prepare, I made a list of the main bullets I wanted to speak on, and then as I spoke, I went off of those points.

    For Andy, this opportunity was just the beginning. He stated that some of the people he looks up to and uses as an example for where he wants to be are “obviously Mike T and Dewayne. As National Consultants, they are the ultimate goal for where I want to be. I want to get to their status.” As for a takeaway that Andy wants to implement into his daily routine with his team, “Personally acquiring and developing more business partners is a big one, and like the importance of going out and talking to people, expanding on that and showing others the success that we’ve had, especially in the last two months.”

    Congrats on this great opportunity Andy, and good luck to your team in the future! We can’t wait to see what you guys do!

  • Congrats to Matt and Ray, who have been chosen to go to Orlando!

    Meet the two members of our team who have been chosen to go to the Orlando conference next week! The first is our Account Manager Ray, who has been with us for four months now. What he likes most about the company is the “family atmosphere, and that “it’s the first job I’ve had where I wake up, and get excited to go to work.” This job has helped him in his future career goals because he wants to have his own office, and move up and become an owner. What advice does he have for future candidates? “ Follow in your leaders’ footsteps. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and establish a good, strong mentality.” Ray went on to mention that his proudest moment when working at Moving Forward was when “I got promoted for the first time, because I realized that’s just phase two, and I want to get to the next level . . . When you get promoted, you get more confidence.” As far as a personal mantra that helps him get going, he says that his life motto is “You are stronger than you think are. I repeat that to myself every day. I also have good faith, which helps keep me on track.” In his free time, Ray likes to spend time doing extreme sports such as snowboarding and dirt biking, and focusing on music.

    Matthew Coan, who was recently promoted to Account Manager, was also chosen to go to this event as well. He described the company culture by saying, “I like the atmosphere, and everyone is super motivated, and I get pumped, and excited to go to work.” He also said that this position has helped him in his career development because it “holds you accountable, and encourages you to be the best you can be all the time. It’s a very self-motivating job, and encourages you to succeed and be independent. It also helps you learn how to take rejection.” As for advice he would give to potential applicants? “ Keep your head up, keep moving forward. Don’t hesitate, just go, and you need to have perseverance and be persistent. Also, dress sharp, and feel good.” Matt also went on to say that his proudest moment when working here was “when I out-performed my boss . . . it feels good. And also, getting promoted, that feels great, succeeding in the company, because that is all on you.” In his free time, Matt likes card games, spending time outside, fishing, kayaking and being on the water.

    While it is a great accomplishment to be chosen to attend this conference, these guys would be nowhere without the hard work, determination and positive mindset that kept them going every day. They have pushed themselves everyday to not only hit their goals consistently, but to exceed those goals and move up within the company. This conference is held for the top leaders within the industry, so be chosen to go is a reflection of the work ethic that our employees put into their daily work.

    Congrats guys on being chosen for this conference, and we can’t wait to see how far you guys go!

  • Best Week Yet: The Importance of Teamwork and Goals In the Work Place

    Moving Forward Marketing is running on the success of last week being the best profiting week our office has had! And for this week, we will be topping those past results, and are making this the best one to date!

    While the success we’ve had the past few months is great, what has really made it all possible is the team that we have. With our team, not only have we been able to discuss personal and company goals, but we make it a point to utilize each other to build each other up to achieve them!

    So what is the importance of teamwork in the work place? According to the article entitled “The Importance of Teamwork in the Workplace”, some of the benefits include the ability to achieve goals efficiently. They mention that “Teamwork generally helps to achieve the common objective in less time. When a group of people with complementary skills mutually cooperate to accomplish goals, they will complete the work faster than otherwise would be possible.” They also state that “Promoting teamwork in the workplace is often recommended as it allows for an enhancement of skills amongst team members.”

    At Moving Forward, having a team work together cohesively helps to bring out everyone’s skills, getting them motivated and determined to not only set goals for themselves, but help accomplish them as well. Goals in the workplace are extremely important, and according to the article “What Are the Benefits of Goal Setting?”, they “can provide a future direction for your business, which helps guide you and your employees in everyday decision-making processes.” They also go on to say that “Goals help you in the planning stages for your business . . . and can also be used as a motivational tool for your employees.”

    With that in mind, Moving Forward will continue to set goals and make teamwork a priority. Having those two factors play into our business tactics are what help make us successful, and keep our place running smoothly!

    For more information on teamwork and goal setting, check out these links!

  • Employee Spotlight

    “You can do it!”- A motto that has helped our Human Resources Assistant Valerie Webster push forward, and get the results that have earned her the Employee Spotlight for this week! Although Valerie has only been with Moving Forward for a few weeks, she has clearly shown why she deserves her title, and how she will progress and grow with the company. Her biggest moment while working with us? “Hitting all my goals for the week.”

    When sitting down to chat with Val about what she likes most about company, she stated that “ I like the fact that it allows me to work independently and hit my goals, I like the different people around the Madison location, and Andy is a great boss to be working for.”

    Valerie also discussed how working with us has changed her viewpoint on what she would want to do long term as far as a career: “Yes, I think that working as a Human Resources Assistant has definitely made me more comfortable with talking to people and communicating . . . it’s definitely helped me sway towards doing this long-term and maybe progressing with the company long term rather than going to law school.”

    When Valerie isn’t in the office, she says that her hobbies include “watching some good television, Big Brother is my jam . . . I go to the gym often and play lacrosse.”

    As far as a personal motto that gets her excited? Val says, ““You can do it.” I just think of Rob Schneider in my head from Waterboy just telling me you can do it. That’s all I think about, like if I wake up in a bad mood, that’s all I think about, is “Wow, I’m great, I’m gonna kill it.”

    Keep up the great work Val!

  • 4th Annual Company BBQ

    Last week Wednesday the team took a trip down to Milwaukee for the 4th annual company BBQ, posted by the Milwaukee office. While there, the team feasted on a spread of ribs, pulled pork, chicken, and hotdogs, as well as potato salad, watermelon, and s’mores to top it off. The team had a great time spending some time with members of the other offices, and to finish off the night, participated in a game of flag football. While they put their best foot forward, Milwaukee took home the title this time around. Next year, Madison is looking for a rematch! We can’t wait!

  • Moving Forward Marketing Delivers Pizza to Sun Prairie Police Department

    Moving Forward Marketing stepped out and started their first act of kindness as a company. On Monday, March 20th, Andy Von Bank, owner of Moving Forward Marketing decided to go back to his roots, and delivered pizzas to sixteen officers at the Sun Prairie Police Department. With Andy’s background as a police officer, it couldn’t be more fitting.

    Around 12:30pm that Monday afternoon, Andy and his office crew stopped at a nearby Rocky Rococo’s, ordering four pizzas, and made their way to the police department. Upon arriving at the station, everyone had high spirits as the team distributed the meal. The officers were thankful for the kind gesture, and showed their gratitude with pictures and smiles all around. Overall, it was a great afternoon, with the station excited about the provided lunch, and also taking an interest to Andy’s background. With such a great experience under their belt, the team at Moving Forward Marketing is looking forward to their next charity event.

  • Moving Forward Marketing Celebrates Success with Grand Opening!

    Madison, March 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- From police officer to office owner, Andy Von Bank has had quite the success in the last few years. So successful in fact, that he is now the owner of his own business, called Moving Forward Marketing Inc. When discussing why he chose that name, he stated that “The company name was based on optimism, and that everyone goes through hardships. You know, in my previous career, I did everything to move up, and found out it wasn’t a good fit for me, so that was the message, to continue to move forward, and like everyone has bad days, but you have to keep moving forward.”

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